Why Northern Michigan?

The state of Michigan has long been renowned for its dominance in the auto industry.  As car companies rebrand as tech companies, so too must Michigan find a new identity: as a global leader in space. 
Between the years 2000 and 2014, population across the state of Michigan  declined by 0.3%.  In the same span of time, Traverse City was on fire.  Not literally, but our midwestern gem was hard at work!  The city itself increased population to the tune of 3.5%, while surrounding Grand Traverse County increased by nearly 17%.  In these years, outsiders decided that Traverse City was more than a nice summertime vacation — it was a place to raise children, build careers, and make homes.  We are locking in highly technical, intellectually intensive, well-paying jobs to ensure that our community thrives for the right reasons, and through all four seasons. 
The Traverse City Space Accelerator is working tirelessly to bring space to our hometown and region, and rightly so.  Michigan already has all of the resources necessary to participate, and even be a leader, in the space industry.  Think about the makeup of world-class cities: they have great infrastructure, scalability, powerful universities, a broad-based talent pool, a bustling social and night life, and reasonable access to the great outdoors.  Traverse City is there.  Where we must improve is focused energy — and this is the cornerstone of the Traverse City Space Accelerator.  By having a team devoted solely to bringing new space opportunities to our city, we can ensure greater oversight, individual attention, and detailed project management.  We work closely with investors and space-related companies to build a relationship that works for our partners, investors, and community.